California Extends EV Credits, More Hydrogen Stations Coming

California Extends EV Credits, More Hydrogen Stations Coming

California’s mission to reduce greenhouse gases and dependency on oil isn’t showing signs of slowing, so its no surprise that the state plans to extend EV credits and bring more hydrogen refueling stations.

Two billion dollars are being raised in order to extend EV rebates in addition to building 100 new hydrogen fuel stations over the next decade. The states EV rebates program has been a huge hit with consumers, with $24.8 million being rewarded in rebates for 8,305 EVs, and $11.2 million in rebates for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

The new bill extends the credits program to 2024, and will also help to boost the hydrogen fuel-cell infrastructure. Toyota already promised to offer a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle by 2015 and other automakers are working to develop their own technologies. The next important step is to improve the practically non-existent fueling infrastructure.

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The goal is to have a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle account for one in seven new cars sold by 2025, almost 1.4 million vehicles. By 2040, the states expects 100 percent of all new cars to be zero emissions.

[Source: the Detroit News]

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