Caterham Plans Mainstream Moves, Keeps Sport Spirit

Caterham Plans Mainstream Moves, Keeps Sport Spirit

Caterham’s scheme to sell cars outside its traditional sports car niche is moving forward, but the brand won’t abandon its sports car heritage.

If anything, the plan to market mainstream vehicles will probably serve to supplement Caterham’s performance cars.

“When we say we’re going to do things internally, we do them. We don’t procrastinate and lose momentum through legions of middle-management decision makers, we just do it,” he said in Singapore today.

Fernandes was referring to the company’s plans for an expanded product range in the near future. Soon, it expects to offer a crossover and a sub-compact city car aimed at the Asian market, along with a range of “accessible sports cars” to suit a variety of customers alongside its Seven family of sports cars.

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Caterham is currently working with Renault to build a sports car that it and Alpine will be able to use.

“Add the culture of our F1 team in terms of nimbleness and the discipline to deliver in detail against a ticking clock and we have something very special within Caterham.”

Today, the company unveiled its new AeroSeven concept, a carbon fiber sports car powered by the familiar 2.0-liter ford duratec-based four cylinder engine found in its 485. The concept will arrive in production form in roughly a year, with the concept serving as a preview. Even its wild-looking concept car is more mainstream than currently available Caterham sports cars. Although that’s probably a good thing. Changes include traction control; a first for the brand.

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