Chevy, Ford Most Talked About on Social Media

Chevy, Ford Most Talked About on Social Media

Chevrolet and Ford continue their dominance at the top of the social buzz report with the two American automakers generating the most online conversations in August.

According to Phoenix Marketing International, discussions of quality and fuel efficiency were strongest among the Ford brand while Nissan had the greatest mentions of “innovation.” BMW was tied for the lead in performance conversations, not a surprise considering the German automaker’s mantra of having the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” Surprisingly, BMW was tied with Ford in that category.

In May, Toyota had surged in social media buzz rising to third place on the chart but has since been overtaken by BMW.

It’s worth mentioning that since these charts are reported based on total conversations during a particular month, automakers’ rankings will fluctuate with new product releases or even social media campaigns that revolve around a specific model. Obviously BMW has been generating a ton of buzz online thanks to the recent introductions of the i3 and i8 production models.

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