Europe’s Most Wanted Classic Car Hails from America

Europe’s Most Wanted Classic Car Hails from America

The most desirable classic car in Europe isn’t a Jaguar E-Type or some fancy Ferrari, but an American icon: the Ford Mustang.

The findings come from a survey of 75,000 users of online car portal AutoScout24 which revealed that a total of 37 percent of Europeans surveyed chose the Ford Mustang as the classic car they would most like to own. The Ford Mustang beat out the BMW M1 (20 percent) and the Volkswagen Beetle (11 percent).

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The Ford Mustang will be heading to the European markets for the first time soon and it’s clear that European automotive enthusiasts embrace one of America’s favorite sports cars.

In addition, the American automaker announced that its Mustang Customizer mobile app has attracted over 500,000 visits from Europe. The Mustang was originally launched in 1964 and has made nearly 3,000 movie and television appearances around the world over the decades. Next year, the sports car will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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  • Soundboy

    Is the Mustang really a sports car?

  • nwkn1g

    You shut your god damn whore mouth!

  • Steve Priest

    You bet it can be called a sports car, take a look at my 1968 Coupe with a 5.0 Roller motor, 5spd gear box and sub frame connectors this car handles and has 420hp motor that makes this Pony Gallup.

  • Chris


  • Nisse

    No one can question Mustangs greatness as sports car. Next year we will celebrate it so that it is heard and seen worldwide

  • 12beatle


  • axmickl

    My 64 1/2 Mustang coupe may not be a sports-car but it is a jewel and fun to own. I have restored it and it is the nicest looking car in my town although it still drives like a 64 1/2 car.