“EXCITING H DESIGN!!!” Coming to a Honda Near You

“EXCITING H DESIGN!!!” Coming to a Honda Near You

“EXCITING H DESIGN!!!” That’s the name of Honda’s newest styling language, capital letters and three exclamation points included. What does this nonsense mean? Hit the jump for more details.

This new design identity centers on something called the “solid wing face.” Basically this entails connecting the grille and headlamps with one uninterrupted styling element.

01The goal of this new design direction it to help promote the brand’s unique character and give it a stronger presence around the world. There’s already “One Ford,” can’t there be “One Honda” as well?

Believe it or not that trio of exclamation points actually represents something. The first one stands for “high tech,” and it supposedly reinforces the company’s innovative spirit. The second point represents “high tension,” the pursuit of a beautiful body and layout. Lastly, that third exclamation is not just for hyperbole, oh no, it stands for “high touch,” which is apparently Honda shorthand for finely honed surfaces and textures.

“EXCITING H DESIGN!!!” will first be applied to the new Fit, but it will eventually spread across the company’s global lineup of vehicles. We can’t wait to see it in person.

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  • MistyGreen

    Oh dear… When that grill first hit the Accord Plug-in, I knew I hated it. They would’ve been better sticking with the Accord/CR-V/Odyssey grille. Ugh..