Fewer than 60 Bugatti Veyrons Left, New Car On The Way

Fewer than 60 Bugatti Veyrons Left, New Car On The Way

Get ready to say goodbye to the fastest production car in existence, the Bugatti Veyron. A company representative admits that there are fewer than 60 examples left unclaimed, so if you have a few million dollars laying around, now is your chance to get in an exclusive speed-machine.

Bugatti also let slip that a new model will debut as soon as the remaining stock of Veyron Grand Spot and Vitesse models are gone.

“There will be a new car when all Grand Sport and Vitesse are sold,” says Manuela Höhne, Head of Media Relations at Bugatti. The supercar-maker chose to build only 150 of the drop-top exotics and once they’re all gone, it will be time for something new from Bugatti.

When asked if the Galibier is indeed dead and what’s next for the ultra-exclusive brand Höhne said “We are looking at different options.”

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Whether a high-speed sedan is still in the works is undetermined at this time, but Höhne did say that whatever the company puts out will still “be a unique product that will again meet the expectations of our customers in terms of technology and design.”

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