Ford Plug-in Owners Drive 203,000 Electric Miles Daily

Ford Plug-in Owners Drive 203,000 Electric Miles Daily

Aggregate data from the MyFord mobile app has shown that owners of Ford electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles drive 203,000 electric-only miles daily, or roughly eight times the distance around the Earth.

The data also showed that owners drive more than 8,400 electric-only miles every hour (collectively, of course) and that for plug-in hybrids, the number of all-electric trips increased by nearly 50 percent after the first six months of ownership. The aggregate data was collected through MyFord Mobile, which is available on Ford’s plug-in vehicles the Fusion Energi, C-Max Energi and Focus Electric.

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The number of electric-only miles driven is expected to increase, as the owners’ driving habits continue to evolve. According to the American automaker, after six months of ownerships, nearly 30 percent of all trips as gas-free compared with about 20 percent at the initial time of ownership.

Currently there are 20,000 charge stations accessible through the MyFord mobile app and other interesting data includes: the average number of trips between charges is four; the average number of charges per vehicle per week is 6.3; 70 percent of Ford plug-in hybrid owners use level one charging stations and 83 percent of the trips are on-way trips of 20 miles or less.

“The data demonstrate plug-in hybrids are being purchased and used by customers in a way we had hoped, in that they drive many of their trips during the week using electricity only, and call upon their hybrid engine when needed for longer weekend trips,” said Mike Tinskey, Ford global director of vehicle electrification and infrastructure. “It confirms for us that coupling the right infrastructure with the right product can lead to a strong, positive impact on the planet.”

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