Ford Teasing Heavy Duty 6.7L Diesel Announcement

Ford Teasing Heavy Duty 6.7L Diesel Announcement

Ford is teasing an announcement next week at the State Fair of Texas about its heavy-duty trucks and the Powerstroke 6.7-liter diesel engine. 

Ford released the image seen above along with a statement saying that the brand will be at the “Texas State Fair to talk Super Duty 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 diesel news.”

Diesel has been proliferating the pickup truck segment lately with Nissan and Ram jumping in with half-ton diesels while GM will sell midsize trucks with diesel power. Ford has yet to make any changes to its engine lineup, and still only offers diesel power in its Heavy Duty lineup of trucks.

Ford says that this announcement will particularly pertain to its heavy-duty pickups, so a diesel half-ton announcement is unlikely.

AutoGuide will be on the ground at the Texas State Fair, so check back next week for full coverage of Ford’s diesel news.

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  • Sdj

    They already make Platinum SD’s……..

  • Stephen Elmer

    Right you are. The piece has been updated. I was referring to the new Limited trim, not the Platinum.

  • Brian

    Probably has something to do with the green leaf. Factory vegetable oil option? Always wanted my exhaust to smell like fries.

  • DeadArmadillo

    They would be smarter to do a half ton diesel and bring back the Ranger instead of adding more farckles to the SD.

  • Stephen

    Limiteds are not new to half tons they have been around since 2008.

  • Neal Trombley

    what part of Texas is the State Fair??

  • Bamaman

    Ford’s not building a 1/2 ton diesel engine will cost them some retail sales.
    There again, every diesel they sell is another truck they don’t retail because the owners of those diesels purchased will drive them twice as long (as a gas truck). Most all of the 7.3 diesels are still running, and they quit making them the end of 2002. My 2003 F250 still has another 200K miles left in it–easily.

  • cobraj


  • Ford Man

    Brian, my old boss had the 6.7L in his 2012 and the symbol was exactly the same, nothing has changed on the logo.