GM Working on $30,000 EV with 200-Mile Range

GM Working on $30,000 EV with 200-Mile Range

The race is on for a budget-minded electric vehicle with a 200-mile range, as General Motors has confirmed it is working on such a car.

The American automaker hopes to bring a $30,000 electric vehicle to the market with a 200-mile range per charge according to Vice President of Global Development, Doug Parks. Unfortunately, no time table has been given as to when the vehicle will be unveiled. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been confident that his company will be able to produce a more affordable EV at around $35,000 with a 200-mile range by the end of 2016.

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Currently the Chevrolet Volt is around $35,000 but is a plug-in hybrid that can go 38 miles on electricity alone. The Chevy Spark EV can go 82 miles on a single charge and is priced competitively at $26,685. But neither of those vehicles offer the same performance as the much more expensive Tesla Model S. But that’s comparing apples to oranges.

Parks admits that the automakers are in a race to be first to offer a compelling electric vehicle that could rid consumers of range anxiety. One thing is for sure, the 200-mile range, affordable EV won’t be the next-generation Volt. The new Volt is currently under development and will offer marginally improved electric range at a lower price, but it won’t be the leap forward that this car would.

[Source: Yahoo! Finance]

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  • Bob G

    I’m not waiting. The future is now. I have a Volt in my garage. I am getting the benefit of a fun and practical electric vehicle without the range anxiety, and all while using *existing* infrastructure (any standard outlet and any gas station).

  • Noel Park

    Me too. Good for you!

  • Jim Seko

    It’s the best car I’ve ever had!