Honda’s Project Drive-In Increases Support

Honda’s Project Drive-In Increases Support

The Honda Project Drive-In has already saved five drive-in movie theaters and now the Japanese automaker hopes to add four more to the list.

The company has opened up a public vote at the project’s website to determine which four additional theaters will receive digital projectors. Due to the end of 35-mm film distribution, many drive-in theaters across America are being forced to shut down since digital projectors are so expensive. In early August, Honda announced that it would distribute five digital movie projectors in order to help save some of those drive-in theaters.

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The four additional winning theaters will be announced on September 23. All winning theaters will also host a celebration that includes a special screening of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 that is in theaters everywhere on September 27.

Thanks to over two-million votes that have already been received, the five drive-in theaters that have already received digital projectors are 99W Drive-In, Cherry Bowl Drive-In, Graham Drive-In, McHenry Outdoor Theater and Saco Drive-In.

“The emotional reactions we received from the first five winning drive-ins helped us realize the real world impact Project Drive-In is having on these small businesses and their surrounding communities,” said Alicia Jones, manager of Honda & Acura social marketing. “With such widespread participation by communities across the nation, we are honored to increase our support of even more drive-in theaters and continue to  rally the public to help keep the spirit and experience of drive-ins alive and well for years to come.”

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