Horde of Nissan Leafs Help Break EV World Record

Horde of Nissan Leafs Help Break EV World Record

A horde of electric vehicles descended on Norway’s capital of Oslo to set a new world record. The Scandinavian city’s streets played host to some 260 EVs, half of which were Nissan Leafs and all of which helped break the previous record.

The event was hosted by the Electric Vehicle Union (EVU) and the Norwegian EV Association. The gathering started in a suburb of Oslo and then proceeded on a predetermined 4 kilometer drive route.

The parade was monitored by two camera drones to verify that all the vehicles were moving simultaneously to ensure the previous record was legitimately broken. Before this event the largest EV gathering was last year in the UK where 35 Nissan Leafs met at Silverstone Circuit.

The meet-up was open to all electric vehicles but 129 Leaf owners registered for it. Surprisingly Nissan’s EV is one of the best-selling cars in Norway; nearly 2,300 were delivered there last year. Additionally electrics account for 2.9 percent of the country’s new-vehicle market.

The procession was designed to help demonstrate the practicality of electric cars, which produce zero tailpipe emissions and are nearly silent. One participant traveled more than 500 kilometers in a Leaf to participate in the event. Norway’s quick-charger network made the journey possible in an electric car.

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