‘Yellowcake’ Night Racer Ready for SEMA, Time Attack

‘Yellowcake’ Night Racer Ready for SEMA, Time Attack

Heavily modified and made-over, the “Yellowcake” Night Racer concept will debut during this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The most glaring changes include a custom bright yellow coat of paint and modified lighting meant to let the car take on time attack night caring circuits. Aside from custom headlights, the car also features an LED light bar. But there’s more to its than the obvious cosmetic changes, which also include a widebody kit, spoiler, bumper guard, front splitter and more.

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A set of three-piece wheels and Toyota semi-slick racing tires will help keep the car’s increased power under control. That power still comes from a 1.6-liter turbocharged Gamma four cylinder engine, but in this case it makes 250 hp – that’s a 49-hp increase over the stock car. Bisimoto Engineering is responsible for the powertrain tuning.

It’s also stiffer thanks to a custom roll cage and lowered on an ARK coil-over suspension. Brembo brakes, racing seats and harnesses, an upgraded intake and exhaust all go toward making the car ready for time attack competition.

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  • smartacus

    if they pumped up the stock Veloster Turbo from 201HP to 221HP for the next model year; that would be a serious car.

  • Alfie

    Or, you know… they could give it a soul.

  • smartacus

    Now that’s a good idea! They should drop the 1.6Turbo into the KIA Soul!

  • Ken Nguyen

    YES!!!!!!! Would be super terrific fun time! Six speed manual. Turbo power. Cartoon looks. I would do an unveil during SEMA starring Chris Angel. If he actually managed to do it without screwing up, it would look awesome. If not, Kia gets a free celeb appearance and probably free coverage on TMZ! Win-win!