Infiniti Q30 Concept Previews a New Type of Luxury Car for a New Generation of Buyer

Infiniti Q30 Concept Previews a New Type of Luxury Car for a New Generation of Buyer

The folks at Infiniti have revealed their latest concept vehicle at the exciting 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Q30 hints at what a future compact car from the brand might look like.

The first thing you notice about this vehicle is its design, though not necessarily the styling. Sure, it’s a pretty car, wearing Infiniti’s new form language, which includes organic shapes, swoopy surfaces and a very prominent grille. Many of the exterior character lines resemble Japanese brush strokes.

But this vehicle’s body shape is quite curious. What exactly is it supposed to be? Is it a crossover? Could it be a hatchback? Perhaps it’s a four-door coupe. Who knows? It’s sort of a blend of all those things, and more. We don’t even think Infiniti knows because they claim it was built to deliberately challenge categorization.

Of course it’s also supposed to appeal to younger buyers, specifically Gen x and Y customers that the company estimates will soon represent 80 percent of the car-buying market. This is a big trend with luxury automakers these days; it seems like every one of them is moving down-market into more affordable segments in an effort to boost sales… and hopefully add to the bottom line.

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The Infiniti Q30 is designed to appeal to premium customers that aren’t afraid to defy convention. It rides on 20-inch alloy wheels and features genuine carbon-fiber exterior body parts. Inside the vehicle is all about keepin’ it real, as in real materials. The interior is described as being “bespoke” because of its high-end trimmings. Genuine metal trim bits dress up the cabin while sculpted ceramic is used on the upper seat backs to house speakers because of its special acoustic properties.

Infiniti is a brand that’s hell-bent on challenging the world’s luxury leaders. They’re promising to deliver things like peerless fit and finish, “passionate” craftsmanship and interiors rendered in innovative materials. With the Q30 concept they’re hinting at a product that will go after the likes of cars like the Audi A3 and Mercedes CLA.

GALLERY: Infiniti Q30 Concept Live Shots


GALLERY: Infiniti Q30 Concept



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