Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Baby Wrangler to Arrive by 2016

Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Baby Wrangler to Arrive by 2016

Within the next three years, Jeep will add two new models to its lineup, a subcompact crossover built in Europe and a three-row luxury SUV made in Detroit.

The new vehicles will be designed primarily for regular road use with better ride comfort – a tall change from Jeep’s traditional of rugged, off-road vehicles. The new subcompact crossover will be built in Italy alongside the Fiat 500X and the American automaker plans to take advantage of the booming crossover market by selling around 150,000 units annually worldwide. Its styling will be similar to a baby Wrangler and will appear in North American dealerships next year.

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As for the rest of the Jeep lineup, the Compass crossover will obtain a new six-speed transmission for the 2014 model year, but expect few changes until the automaker makes a decision on whether the Compass or Patriot will survive in 2015. As a result, the Patriot’s only upcoming change will also be the new six-speed automatic.

The Wrangler will likely get re-engineered for 2016 with subtle changes to its styling. Changes to its powertrain include an eight-speed transmission and an optional diesel engine. Jeep will also likely put the Wrangler on a diet to lose a few pounds, while a Wrangler-based pickup is under consideration.

Both the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee will be untouched until at least 2016, especially since the Jeep Grand Cherokee received a major overhaul for the 2014 model year.

Lastly, the Grand Wagoneer’s development has been delayed two years to 2015 in order to give the new Dodge Durango some time to get acclimated in the marketplace. The seven-passenger Grand Wagoneer will be built to compete with the Cadillac Escalade in the large premium SUV segment.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Chris Gray Hollomon

    The grand wagoner better damn well be a good off roader and give us at least the throwback option for wood siding. And I reallllly hope it has a bench seat in the front. I loved my ok wagoner and a new one has a lot to live up to!

  • Joe Canejo

    I agree Chris.I have two GW’s and a XJ. I had a Commander and it was an embarrassment. If Jeep wants my money they better start offering a Jeep worthy of the breed. If they don’t I’ll jump ship and buy a Raptor or an F150. You’ve shown us some great prototypes Chrysler, it’s time to deliver.

  • ralebird

    You guys missed this part?
    “The new vehicles will be designed primarily for regular road use with better ride comfort – a tall change from Jeep’s traditional of rugged, off-road vehicles.”

  • Mike H

    Dream on. The way things are headed with Jeep by 2016 4 wheel drive probably will not even be available.

  • Jeremy

    A Jeep/Fiat? Heresy!!

  • Beth J

    Jeep to me should be synonymous with ‘off road’ why change what has worked for years and drawn so many loyal fans? disappointing! Bad enough compass and liberty are on a car frame, give me a break!

  • Jeep-a-long cassidy

    CAFE fuel economy standards

  • Danny Blaney

    Thank god they are ditching the cvt in the compass/patriot.

  • Joe

    Another american institution sold to the highest bidder! Hey folks, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Stop trying to re-create the wheel.

  • Tony D.

    Now Jeep is being compared to pickup trucks? Make up your mind. F150 or Raptor or Jeep? If you want a Jeep buy a Wrangler! If you need a truck buy a F150.

  • Honest Abe

    Are you saying Fiat is ruining Jeep? Like the Compass and other shitty products didn’t already do that?

  • Joe Canejo

    If I wanted a Wrangler, I would buy one. Not interested in them. I’ll restate the point, If Jeep wants my money build something that I want. The FC and Gladiator pickup prototypes were great. Build a full size Jeep like the Grand Wag, J truck or the Cherokee. If they don’t build what I want I’m switching brands. The Raptor is a very capable off road truck. So it would a fine replacement if I so chose.

  • Amy Pollins Elzer

    I think you meant Patriot

  • Dewayne Durr

    I got a 98 TJ 6 months ago I haven’t wheeled it not once but I have had to re build the 5speed, transfer case with 4 gear planetary and 1.25 drive chain up grades, ford 8.8 rear-end swap. I now think I have a Jeep worthy of its AMC past name. I don’t think they will ever get back to way they used to be. When they dropped the 4.0 straight 6 that was the end for me.

  • angliagasser

    Most people now a days do not even take their jeeps off of the pavement. I think they are catering to those people. Sad to say! Maybe the greenies have gotten to them….

  • Dougster123

    The Gladiator concept truck was a major hit yet they didn’t build it. It would like a proper replacement for my MJ. A TRUE TRAIL CAPABLE PICK-UP WITH A RUBICON PACKAGE DANA 44 DRIVE-TRAIN AND USABLE BED SIZE.

  • Poe

    The only thing that is even remotely interesting is the “optional diesel engine”.

  • jtjohnston

    They are going to make another ugly, cross-over, fake-jeep and call it a wagoneer?
    Get rid of the compass and patriot, seriously.
    And they are finally going to give us a diesel in the wrangler? Is it going to be a nice economically priced motor as an affordable base option like hte 2800 cc you can get in Edinburgh, or some fat-cat expensive option that regular folk cannot afford and won’t buy?

  • jtjohnston

    Is it going to be a nice economically priced motor as an affordable base
    option like hte 2800 cc you can get in Edinburgh, or some fat-cat
    expensive option that regular folk cannot afford and won’t buy

  • DaemonForce

    What’s this? A new Jeep where the only interesting part MIGHT be an optional diesel engine? Nope, nope, nope. After the last unveiling I couldn’t take it. If you’re going to bend the iconic Jeep grill over the hood of an ugly car at least take it to dinner first. You think we want a BABY Wrangler? How about another mini wagon? Oh wait that’s right, you don’t actually give customers what they want. Oh well, I’ll stick to my Eagle. A-M-C YA! (*・ω・)ノ

  • Poe

    Don’t forget the ever dangling carrot of a possible truck (I’ve quit counting, how many years have they dangled that now?) Customers they seem to care about are the ones that would be buying Hummers if they still made them.

  • Tim

    Jeep should not be selling vehicles that can’t go offroad. Terrible short-term thinking on the part of Fiat. They should have made it a Dodge instead.

  • three_jeeps

    ummmm, didnt miss the point at all. Fiat is USING the Jeep name to INFER a level of ruggedness that is only a wet dream in any of Fiats designed product….Regardless of whether I ever take my Jeep off-road or not, it is my decision….and if I need to, I know it will handle it…Where as a Fiat made mini jeep will be lucky if it makes it ‘off-driveway’ and they will dupe the uninformed public for 2-3 years and make profit.

  • ruiner54

    I’m worried about the future of the Wrangler…it’s the only body on frame front live axle off-roader left in the Jeep line-up and probably in the entire world (besides some heavy duty pickups). I just hope that they aren’t stupid enough mess with that

  • Piet

    Fully agree. Part of the ‘Macho’ side of the Jeep has been the 4×4 system. I only use mine on the rare occasion, but it is part of the secure feeling that you do not bother about road conditions when you plan your trips.

  • Droiddest

    Oh look, more pathetic Jeeps.

  • 949OC

    I’m not too worried. I got mine 🙂
    All kidding aside, I agree. They are going in the wrong direction.

  • Scooby

    It already is a Dodge – it is called a Durango.

  • Otto

    I miss mine. I had four of them over the years and loved ’em My 88 was always my favorite. I was sorry to trade it for my 91. I can’t wait. I just hope that it is a good and possibly retro body stile.

  • Scooby

    It is basically a Jeep version of the Dodge Durango – for Grand Cherokee owners with three rows of sets.

  • Phyllis Turner

    How embarrassing. Really. Jeep JK=off road.

  • fight.the.stupids

    I think it should be be a contender to the Toyota Land Cruiser. Okay, the latest Land Cruiser isn’t that popular – which is all the more reason Jeep should try to take it on.

    And if they do try to take on the Land Cruiser, they better make it reliable. Over-engineer it and they will come (and no, adding googaws and widgets, is not over engineering it).

  • suzyque

    personally I’d like to see them “slim” down the wrangler. I like the older ones better than the boxier Hummer style wrangler.

  • Jerry Normandin

    If the new mini wrangler does not have a full frame then it does not belong in the Jeep Wrangler lineup! I can take my 2013 Wrangler anywhere.

  • Chris

    Idk… I have a 2014 JKUR. I love it and took it to Rausch Creek within the first month. A baby wrangler as a second car for a daily driver wouldn’t be to bad.

    Something similar to a mini paceman but more like a fiat 500 in price lol.

    Jeeps are meant to be a tough off road vehicle and that I why I bought it. It would just help to have a second car for gas mileage that could go over a curb or two without bending a rim lol

  • Patrick Hartweg

    I think you meant TJ =D

  • wj

    Wj driver, Not all Grands are for groceries

  • PX-33

    It’s not the only one, Toyota sells Landcruisers with full frames and solid axles still with lockers at both ends in other countries, Mercedes G class is still solid axles and full frame and it was the first to offer selectable lockers front and rear on link suspension.
    We all knew Jeep was in a downward spiral since they started making unibody jeep cherokees. I still can’t believe how long it took them to offer selectable lockers, I honestly don’t think they care at all about building a great 4×4. It’s more about getting people to drink the cool-aide with clever marketing.

  • Alley

    The Jeep Wrangler has always been rugged and off-road, if you want luxury and baby vehicles buy something else! Whomever at DCJ thought that any vehicle “designed primarily for regular road use with better ride comfort’ could still be branded a Jeep Wrangler. If you own a Jeep last thing you probably want is to be thought of is a person who would drive something with the word “baby used to describe it! DCJ needs to read the forums and comments of their customers. It might save them millions of dollars. Stop trying to be what you are not.

  • Alley

    If you are posting comments on this, be sure to share them via Twitter and mention @Jeep so they will see your comments 😉

  • Indrid Cold

    Jeep basically died in 2007. It continues on in name only. I have my TJ and a YJ. I am now trying to find an XJ before they run out and a WJ.


    I can’t wait for the Grand Wagoneer!

  • Tom

    Im on my 20th or more Jeep- Patriots, Wranglers, Unlimiteds, Grand Cherokees, Compasses, you name it….What is exiciting is changes to upcoming Wranglers…
    My critique of the Wrangler, even with its great resale value, is the fuel economy on regular gas. Jeep plans to add an eight speed automatic, lower the weight, and slightly alter the exterior [ my guess is to lower the wind resistance and drag coefficent]. All three should do wonders, along with a thrifty diesel option, to bring those fuel numbers up. Wrangler production is at full tilt because of its popularity and the Patriot/Compass has got to be one of the best little suv bargains on the market…The current Grand Cherokee is the holy grail of suvs and I am looking forward to the arrival of a Wrangler truck, but hopefully with a long bed.
    The new Cherokee is selling like hot cakes and doing real well at the pump too.

  • partsmike

    Hate to inform you the Jeep Cherokee XJ has proven to be one of the toughest highest mileage vehicles in the world with very little maintenance. Gwagons are over rated due to price and cost of operation and you can’t buy a Toyota in the US with a straight axle. aft