Jeep Mulling SRT Variant for Cherokee

Jeep Mulling SRT Variant for Cherokee

Even though Jeep already has the range-topping Trailhawk version of its new Cherokee, there could be a differently-minded performance variant coming.

Plans for an SRT version of the Cherokee might not currently exist, but Cherokee lead designer Greg Howell told Motoring that they will try and see if the business case makes sense. “And if we can make money on it – it’s gotta make money not just break even – we’ll go for it.”

But doing that might not be a simple proposition. The 6.4-liter V8 found in the Grand Cherokee SRT8 won’t fit, and Howell said a higher-performing Cherokee would still be limited by tightening emissions regulations. Instead, a turbocharged four-cylinder unit would be the best candidate.

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Jeep needs to focus on successfully launching the current Cherokees before any sort of cheaper alternative to the Grand Cherokee SRT8 could be considered. Production of the Cherokee halted a week ago because of quality concerns. The assembly line is moving again, but Chrysler’s primary concern is probably with ensuring smooth delivery moving forward.

If Jeep does decide to build such a product, it would offer direct competition to the Subaru Forester XT. The Japanese compact crossover uses a turbocharged version of the 2.0-liter boxer engine found in the BRZ mated to a continuously-variable transmission. 

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[Source: Motoring]

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  • Jeep Dude

    This is a Cherokee? It looks like a copy of my girlfriend’s Lexus RX 450…but not as nice.

  • Macman1138

    That thing is UGLY.

  • Tree Top flyer

    Its not ugly in person. Actually a pretty cool looking ride (2013 Trail Hawk) It would be an absolute monster if they added a Hemi!! We have a Lexus RX330, and I would trade it for a Firehawk if I could get it away from my wife. The interior is spectacular!!

  • jqp

    Ugly is the only word to describe it. Not to say that the Cherokee was ever “pretty” but it did have a classic utilitarian design. Now it’s just another ugly vehicle destined to be owned by on-road consumers who wouldn’t know the difference.

  • liberalenigma

    Like my wife who needs 4×4 in the winter ON ROAD where we live ?
    Not everyone lives in flat warm lands. Some of us live in the mountains, or have to drive mountain passes daily. We only drive up or downhill where we are.

  • Kenny

    Looks way better in person for sure! We saw these out on the trail (Hell’s Revenge) in Moab,Utah. Its not anything like the old Cherokee’s but its nice. I feel like its going to be a big seller for jeep.