McLaren P1 Rumored to Clock 7:04 Nürburgring Lap Time

McLaren P1 Rumored to Clock 7:04 Nürburgring Lap Time

McLaren wants its P1 to run a Nürburgring lap time of under seven minutes, so perhaps it’s not a surprise that the British automaker won’t confirm the rumors of a 7:04 time.

Even though 7:04 is an extremely fast lap time for a production car, and it would trump the 7:12 set by the Dodge Viper ACR, McLaren doesn’t want to make the time public until it breaks the seven-minute mark.

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Regardless of whether or not the 7:04 lap time will be made public or official, it would set the P1 on par to be one of the fastest Nürburgring vehicles ever created. Only the Radical SR8 models would best it with sub-seven-minute lap times, and it’s hard to argue that those are actual road-going, production cars.

[Source: Bridge to Gantry]

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  • Paul

    Incredible piece of engineering from McLaren, based in ‘F1 valley’ Seriously talented engineers let loose with no restrictions and this is what they can do. I dare say they can find another 5 seconds with some set up time.

  • F-Car Fanboy

    I bet the LaFerrari will beat them to a 6:59!

  • Furiosino

    Of course it will and will beat the Porshe 918 as well

  • Fury

    This piece of garbage is much slower than a Porshe 918 which is a whale with less power?

    LaFerrari..go ahead, kill’em all.

  • ColumWood

    You think it can pull off something faster than a 6:57?