Mercedes Magic Body Control Ad Features Disco, Dancing Chickens

Mercedes Magic Body Control Ad Features Disco, Dancing Chickens

Mercedes has released a new television commercial to help explain its new Magic Body Control suspension… and it’s pretty very strange.

The German automaker’s Magic Body Control system is the world’s first suspension with “eyes” to help redefine riding comfort. The system sets up the active suspension beforehand to deal with upcoming road situations with its Road Surface Scan technology detecting unevenness in the road through the stereo camera in the windscreen. As part of the system, the Mercedes vehicle can be adjusted to highly comfortable or sportily rigid through its settings.

So how do you explain all that in laymen’s terms? With chickens, naturally. The new Mercedes-Benz Magic Body Control television commercial has chickens with gyroscopic heads dancing to disco music, demonstrating the head tracking abilities of the suspension system. In other words, while the chicken’s body is moving and its head is staying still, that’s sort of like the Magic Body Control system… or something.

Riding the fine line between odd and awkward, watch the ad below.

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