Most Researched Cars of the Week: September 1 — 7

Most Researched Cars of the Week: September 1 — 7

Rear-wheel drive coupes and sedans were the most popularly researched this week in AutoGuide’s new cars section.

The BMW 1 Series and 3 Series both ranked among the top five, followed by the Ford Mustang. All of those nameplates are about to undergo major changes. When Ford releases the 2015 Mustang, it will enter its next generation. With that, the muscle car will ditch its tradition live rear axle.

For the 2014 model year, BMW will introduce the new 4 Series nameplate, moving its coupe and convertible 3 Series cars to a new name. The same process will happen soon with the 1 Series, which will become a front-wheel drive product line sharing DNA with MINI. Meanwhile, the current 1 Series will become the 2 Series.

But those weren’t the only popular picks this week. Also on the list, the outgoing 2013 Mazda3 and Hyundai Veloster compacts rounded off the top five. For the 2014 model year, Mazda will introduce its new version of the compact sedan and hatchback riding on its SkyActiv platform.

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2013 BMW 3 Series

2013 Hyundai Veloster

2013 Mazda3

2013 BMW 1 Series

2013 Ford Mustang