New GM Midsize Trucks to Have Clear Differentiation

New GM Midsize Trucks to Have Clear Differentiation

According to Mark Reuss, president of GM North America, consumers will see a clear differentiation between the new GMC and Chevy midsize trucks.

The GMC lineup will focus more on conquest sales, while the Chevy will be about value said Reuss. He even hinted that the Canyon may see a larger, more powerful engine to go with its more luxurious interior. While insiders in the company have already confirmed that the trucks will offer diesel power, Reuss wouldn’t comment on the issue, instead just smiling and staying silent.

In terms of styling, the American trucks are not likely going to look too much like the Colorado sold in other markets, as Reuss emphasized that this is an American truck that will be built in America.

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With more fuel-efficient engines and transmissions, sophisticated manufacturing techniques and a competitive landscape, GM is looking forward to returning to the midsize pickup truck market with its next-generation offerings.

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