New Nevada Law Lets Motorcycles Run Red Lights

New Nevada Law Lets Motorcycles Run Red Lights

Motorcyclists in Nevada are being granted access to legally run red lights, as many motorcycles are not detectable by traffic light sensors.

In many situations, motorcyclists will find themselves waiting long periods of time for a car to pull up and trip the sensor before they can proceed through the light. Under the new law, anyone riding a motorcycle, moped, bicycle, or tri-mobile can wait for two-traffic light cycles, and then legally run the light.

Many two-wheeled riders have already taken to doing this in Nevada, but now they don’t have to worry about getting a red light ticket.

The law is hard to enforce according to the Metro Police, as an officer much watch the entire process to be able to hand out a ticket, from the time the bike pulls up to the time it leaves.

This new law comes into effect on October 1, 2013.

[Source: Mynews3]

  • Danny Tse

    This is just asking for traffic accidents to happen.

  • Gloomfrost

    It’ll be fine. Progressive laws like this are very welcome. The point is that the motorcyclists already do this anyway, without any increase in risk. hence, make it legal. A red light is a red light, don’t assume people will start ignoring it and crash into oncoming traffic.
    Always look both ways before you cross the road. Or should we make that illegal too and make sure you always cross roads at a cross-walk hmm?

  • Scott Rowe

    Whatever! It only really applies at night time when the sensors are active. I work at night and really early in the morning. When I get off at 4am I have sat at an intersection for 5-10 min in the pitch black and cant move because the damn light wont change finally I will run the light against the law or not. As a bike rider I should be able to make a left turn in a reasonable manner that does not interfere with the flow of traffic.