Next-Generation Smart ForTwo Spied Testing

Next-Generation Smart ForTwo Spied Testing

Spotted just after the Frankfurt Motor Show, our spy photographers grabbed some shots of this test mule for Smart’s upcoming redesigned ForTwo.

If it looks a little big, that’s because it is. What you’re looking at is a test mule, made from the Smart ForFour, which is actually hiding new ForTwo goodies beneath its sheet metal and plastic cladding.

The upcoming Smart ForTwo will in fact use a shortened version of the ForFour platform, which will also be used by the new Renault Twingo. Look closely and you’ll spot the Renault-looking rear end, despite the smart front bumper. All three cars are expected to have a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. The vehicles are also expected to use a Renault-sourced three cylinder engine which uses direct injection to make 105-hp.

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Smart debuted an electric concept vehicle at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, so don’t be surprised if the company offers an electric variant of the next generation ForTwo.

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  • Jim

    Looking at the photo from the back end this is a Renault and not a smart, unless they are rebadging them as a Renault offering

  • Carl Spanoghe

    As mentioned in the article, the platform will be shared with the Renault Twingo.

  • Ernie

    This is so much uglier than the current model, it’s sure to make older Smarts hold their value.

  • Rachel

    Absolutely hideous. I love my smart but would never buy this monstrosity.

  • Michael Corleone

    rubbish its nothing like that

  • Michael Corleone

    I can go out in any street and photograph anything and say its a new smart and you lot will believe it

  • designgauge

    Judging from the side window and door shape, the hood, windshielf and headlights, this looks like a Toyota/Scion IQ.

  • steveg

    they may have messed the whole concept of SMART entirely… I still am rather fond on the ORIGINAL SMART design (99 to 05), appealing .. I have seen the 015 concept mule in its nakedness through friends in Germany… however they were not even allowed to photo any of it even with a cell phone.. its more scion then Smart is you ask me. I got my info from a drawing.. sent by email. if i can post it, I will.