Nissan Xterra’s Future to be Decided Within a Year

Nissan Xterra’s Future to be Decided Within a Year

The future of the Nissan Xterra will be decided within a year as the Japanese automaker mulls over the SUV’s future.

Having received minimal changes since it went on sale in 2005, the Xterra has slowly faded away in the market place and Nissan might allow it to just disappear. While a replacement is a possibility, the Xterra has had poor sales and the automaker is concerned about fuel economy and a possible lack of partners.

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According to Pierre Loing, vice president of product planning for Nissan Americas, the Xterra does have plans for a replacement, but it’s not a definite if it will happen. And while the first-generation Xterra was highly successful, the whole rugged SUV market has begun to fade, as evident with Toyota giving its FJ Cruiser model the axe.

In 2000, Nissan sold 88,578 Xterra vehicles but last year moved about 17,200. The 2013 Xterra is rated at 16-mpg city, 22-mpg highway and is powered by a 4.0-liter V6 with 261 hp.

A decision on the Nissan Xterra is expected to be made in six months to a year.

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  • Offroader19

    I think they should consider localizing their market. Sell the xterra in states where off roading and deep snow is common (midwest), where an AWD crossover wont get by – where one needs ground clearance to get by. Just reduce production efforts to making a thousand cars or something, and focus on a new car to go nationwide. Everyone leaves happy.

  • TheEvilBlight

    Economies of scale will suffer terribly.

    If the Xterra drops in production, they’ll probably sell less types: presumably just the off-road edition and maybe a base edition…or only the base edition.

  • Scott Miller

    Really? I own a ’12 4X and love taking her off road. She’s not a jeep, but can definitely hold her own on the trails and get by in places a “FJ cruiser” cannot. I see them dang near everywhere I drive. I can’t see how those numbers of sales are so low when I see so many. I bought my X because I wanted to trade my ’98 Explorer Sport for something new. Xterra’s are still body on frame and appealed to me in design and function. They drop the X….I’m going back to Ford. They could scale back on how many they produce to lower costs if that is their concern, but don’t kill off the only badass SUV they have…..cause the Armada is just a grocery tote…

  • stockli530

    Discontinuing the Xterra would be a shortsighted move in my opinion. This SUV has become a cornerstone for Nissan. It was instrumental in helping to pull Nissan back from the brink of bankruptcy in 2000.

    Having said that, gas mileage is a bit of a concern, however, it’s realistically not much different than a similarly equipped 4runner or FJ Cruiser. Perhaps add a Diesel option or bring back the 4 cylinder, but don’t get rid of the BOF design.

  • PerpetualDynamism

    As the owner of a ’12 Xterra Pro-4X I have noticed that I have not seen even a single commercial for an Xterra since I bought the vehicle. The rest of their lineup gets commercials, but not the Xterra. When I was looking for a car I had no idea that the Xterra was so capable. I thought the market options were all crossovers unless I wanted a Wrangler. We stopped by the Nissan dealer just trying to be diligent in comparing it to an Escape and Rav4 and were pleasantly surprised to find it was still on a truck frame and had several offroad centric features. We bit and have thoroughly enjoyed taking it offroad ever since. Short of buying a small pickup, the only truck based SUV’s left are the Xterra, FJ Cruiser (being discontinued in ’14) and the Wrangler. How are people supposed to know that the Xterra is in that same class without advertising! Family and friends have been shocked to see the features ours has and hear about how capable it is, on and offroad, and to hear about it’s somewhat abundant aftermarket for parts. Long story short, if they decided to kill it it will be because they weren’t selling any, but that is entirely their own fault for making a great vehicle and then not telling anybody!

  • Nick Sowers

    I have a 2010 Off-Road edition and I absolutely love it. It is a fully capable off-road vehicle and is tough as nails. I t-boned a smaller SUV doing about 45 MPH and drove away from the accident with just cosmetic damage. The thing is a beast. My only complaint would be the 5 MPG that it gets but then again you don’t really buy one for the fuel milage. Would take my Xterra over any the vehicle like it on the road.

  • Mighty Fine

    I don’t think Nissan really cares much about any of their trucks or SUV’s. I have a Titan. Love the truck. Problem is, it hasn’t really changed at all since 2004 when it came out. Good thing for me is my 06 looks just like a 2013!

  • Kevin

    I am surprised that the Xterra is still in production. I thought Nissan would have dropped this vehicle a few years before 2014. I haven’t seen a brand new one since 2010 or 2011.

  • Rick SK

    If it disappears it will be too bad. Its a great little 4 wheel drive.

  • stoney

    Tough? You betcha! Capable? Try it with your FJ! I am driving my second x and will probably have one long into the future. I’ve modified the suspension on the 05. Does every thing I ask of it and doesn’t complain. Truck base is rare in the suv market and if nissan removes the x from its line up many buyers will abandon nissan and fall into the arms of Jeep. I shudder to think it