Opel Monza Concept Burns Electricity, Natural Gas

Opel Monza Concept Burns Electricity, Natural Gas

There wouldn’t be much for Buick to sell it if wasn’t for General Motors’ German subsidiary, Opel.

So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the Monza concept the brand just unveiled during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show follows many of the same design cues as the Buick Riviera concept shown in Shangai earlier this year.

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Smooth lines and a muscular body style preview the design direction Opel could take with its future cars. Interesting features include gull-wing doors and LED headlights. Inside, the car is loaded with technology including the ability to share real-time data both with other vehicles and information waypoints. That includes include accidents, traffic updates and driving conditions.

It also uses what could become the next generation of GM’s Voltec powertrain found in the Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera. In this case, it uses a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, although in this case it’s set up to burn natural gas.

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