Should You Buy a Hybrid, Diesel or Electric Car?

Should You Buy a Hybrid, Diesel or Electric Car?


If you see yourself driving every day, in regular traffic, then a hybrid is an excellent choice. Hybrids can maintain fuel efficiency at slower speeds than diesels. Not only that, but many shut off their engines in stop-and-go traffic, relying solely on the vehicle’s electric motor to poke about in the city.

Unlike a diesel motor, hybrids are also significantly quieter in the city. With instant torque response, they’re apt at keeping pace with city traffic. Look at the Honda Insight, which is a mild-hybrid and unable to drive on pure electric power alone. Yet it can still get over 40 mpg in the city, making it an excellent choice for those living in urban environments.

If you’re interested in even more fuel efficiency, the Toyota Prius c gets over 50 mpg in the city, and while it’s quite slow with just 100 hp, you won’t need much more when driving around town.

  • lee colleton

    No mention of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV? It’s definitely in this category, though a bit spartan in design. I like the 50 cubic feet of storage with seats folded.

  • Ecolife

    Karma is so beautiful!

  • A satisified Lincoln owner.

    My MKZ 2011 Lincoln MKZ delivers a 42-45 MPG. A excellent car with all the bells and whistles one would ever want.