Should You Buy a Hybrid, Diesel or Electric Car?

Should You Buy a Hybrid, Diesel or Electric Car?


What about those who live and in the city but spend their weekends and holidays escaping the hubbub of the urban environment? Consider a plug-in hybrid or extended range electric vehicle. Unlike normal EV’s these cars have a secondary power source to provide additional range once the electric battery is depleted.

In the case of the Toyota Prius Plug-in, Ford Fusion and C-Max Energi models, the cars use a powertrain much like a traditional hybrid but feature a larger battery. Charge these cars up and you get a limited range of continuous emissions free driving. Once that range is depleted, the car acts like a normal hybrid, using minimal fuel and recapturing energy from deceleration to use with the car’s electric motor.

bmw-i3-coupe-concept-1Another option is the Chevrolet Volt or soon-to-arrive BMW i3, which both use an on-board gas generator in order to recharge electrical battery.

All of these options are capable of staying fuel-free within the confines of your daily commute, should you charge them every night. However, you can use the secondary power source to tackle longer trips.

  • lee colleton

    No mention of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV? It’s definitely in this category, though a bit spartan in design. I like the 50 cubic feet of storage with seats folded.

  • Ecolife

    Karma is so beautiful!

  • A satisified Lincoln owner.

    My MKZ 2011 Lincoln MKZ delivers a 42-45 MPG. A excellent car with all the bells and whistles one would ever want.