The Coda EV Goes Back On Sale

The Coda EV Goes Back On Sale

Comebacks are all the rage these days. Like Marshall Mathers, the Coda EV is “back, back again,” arriving on sale for customers who missed out on buying one before the company went bankrupt.

Of course, those thinking that the brand itself is making a comeback, will be disappointed. The truth is that two companies, Club Auto Sales and Ready Remarketing, have joined up to buy the remaining Coda vehicles and sell them at a “substantial discount.”

“We have about 50 complete vehicles left,” said Richard Curtis, a representative from the company selling the leftover EVs. The contact was unable to disclose how much a complete vehicle was selling for. These two companies are also selling vehicles they call ‘gliders,’ EVs that have every component but the drive battery components which are selling on eBay for $7,500  “We have about 100 of these ‘gliders’ available” said Curtis over the phone.

The organization has also purchased a large number of parts in order to service Coda EVs, and there are apparently plans for future production using the components purchased.

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The site also states “Club Auto Sales and Ready Remarketing owners combined have over 100 years of Automotive experience. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and have extensive EV and Hybrid Vehicle experience.” Both companies are not affiliated with Coda Automotive or Coda Energy in any way.

If you’re still interested in getting your hands on a Coda EV, then be sure to check out our Coda EV review.

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