Third National Plug In Day Kicks Off

Third National Plug In Day Kicks Off

Today marks the third annual National Plug In Day, highlighting the accelerated growth in the electric vehicle market.

Over 90 cities all across the U.S. are hosting events today so that prospective buyers can learn more about the clean-air benefits and fuel cost-savings of electric vehicles.

Automakers including Nissan, GM, Tesla, Mitsubishi, Ford and Honda are among those supporting the events today with test rides and test drives available throughout the country. The number of plug-in models have risen from seven in 2010 to 28 this year.

Events across the nation will vary, but in Philadelphia, U.S. Congressman Chaka Fattah will speak and test drive an electric car. In Las Vegas, event participants will be treated to a solar EV charging canopy while Seattle, speed enthusiasts will be drag racing their EVs. In Long Beach, California, around 100 electric vehicles are expected to be available for viewing and test drives.

“Americans are finding out how liberating it can be to drive electric. We noticed a significant increase in electric vehicle sales following the last National Plug In Day, and the numbers keep rising,” said Plug In America president Richard Kelly.

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