Top 10 Cars of the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

Top 10 Cars of the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

8. Toyota Yaris Hybrid R concept

Yes, yet another hybrid. It isn’t even the last one on this list (not even close), but it might be one of the most unusual. That’s because this is a 420 hp version of the Toyota Yaris. Normally, the only way you’d have any fun in a Yaris is if you get a thrill out of parking in unusually small spaces.

That’s still possible here, but anyone lucky enough to actually drive this concept will probably be more focused on what’s ahead. That’s because it uses not one, not two, but three electric motors along with a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine to transform the pokey city car into something incredible. With an obviously race-inspired design, could Toyota’s performance cars become this decade’s “Honda?”

  • Stew

    What’s the Freaking Lambo?

  • Robby G

    I really hope that Opel leads to some sort of new Buick. The brand really needs a shake up.

  • Atticus

    Porsche does it again with it’s 918 Spyder !

  • ez2deal

    Concepts are not really a “car”.

  • Slick

    Love it!

  • Shem

    Robby G, Sure because opel were German Chevy. So General Motors should works some connection whatever GM’s cars make for better fuel techs with electric engine.

  • Billy

    What about the S Coupé concept ?

  • ColumWood

    It wasn’t an easy choice to come up with the list. Still, the S Coupe does nothing for me personally.

  • Pipeline

    The list is stupid. It has nothing to do with what should be the direction of the industry regarding cars on the street. It could just as easily be called the “Top ten weirdos.” You really need to get in touch with reality.