Toyota Yaris Hybrid R Video, First Look

Toyota Yaris Hybrid R Video, First Look

Can a Yaris be fast? Can a Yaris be fun? Toyota seems to think it can, and they’re making a compelling argument with the debut of the Yaris Hybrid R Concept this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Combining two 60 hp electric motors and a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, there’s 420 hp on tap. Using a new type of hybrid technology and some expertise borrowed from its Le Mans race cars, this concept car lives up to its R badge.

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Toyota will certainly never put such a machine into production. However, the technology is likely to find its way into an upcoming sports car. And for that reason alone, our first look video is well worth a watch.

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 GALLERY: Toyota Yaris Hybrid R Concept


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  • rudy

    Even with 420 horses, it is not exciting

  • mikey

    Who’s the euro-douche that just walks up and poses in the video? What an asshole.

  • Joe

    Someone cannot do math… 60+60=120hp. Where did 420 come from?

  • crooner7

    Uh, the gas engine has 300 hp….300 plus 120….let’s see….yep 420. It is a HYBRID

  • nick

    420 horses on a tiny car like that is like 600 on a supercharged mustang.