Volkswagen XL1 to Cost $146,600

Volkswagen XL1 to Cost $146,600

It’s obvious that the Volkswagen XL1 isn’t made for the general automotive consumer, but with a price tag of $146,600, is it made for anyone at all?

The radical plug-in diesel hybrid will cost a hefty 110,000 euros when it goes on sale early next year in Europe. To put that into perspective, a Nissan GT-R is less than 100,000 euros. But then again, the GT-R doesn’t boast a carbon fiber monocoque and 230 mpg.

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The XL1 weighs in at 1,750 pounds and is powered by a two-cylinder, turbo-diesel engine with 47 horsepower. The electric motor provides 27 horsepower and the diesel-hybrid can travel up to 31 miles in pure electric mode. It was originally expected that the XL1 will run around $100,000.

GALLERY: Volkswagen XL1


GALLERY: Volkswagen XL1


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