Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Mercedes GLK 250 BlueTEC

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Mercedes GLK 250 BlueTEC

4. An Attractive Interior... Or Is It?

Paying for a fancy fish dinner only to find stray bones is more annoying that sitting through one of Carrot Top’s stand-up routines.  So is finding out that it’s possible to pour over $50,0000 into the GLK while still missing out on basics like leather trim.

If you find the idea of paying that price without leather seats to be offensive, there are other diesel crossovers to peruse. A Jeep Grand Cherokee might be more to your tastes? After all, it’s bigger and starts at around the same price.

If not, $1,850 buys a cockpit with quilted leather door panels and repurposed skin for your discerning bottom’s pleasure. It really is gorgeous, too. Air vents borrowed from the SLS and aluminum knob bezels make it a pleasant place to sit.


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