Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Mercedes GLK 250 BlueTEC

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Mercedes GLK 250 BlueTEC

5. Diesels Command a Price Premium? Mercedes asks: Where's the Beef?

You’re planning to buy a Mercedes-Benz, which means you can probably afford to part with some extra dead presidents in the name of comfort. But buying into the luxury world doesn’t necessarily mean wasting money thoughtlessly. It isn’t uncommon for automakers to charge several thousand in premiums for a diesel-equipped vehicle compared to the gas-burning counterpart.

Mercedes isn’t playing that game. Instead, the starting sticker is only $1,500 higher than a base GLK 350. Pricing for the BlueTEC model starts at $39,905 including delivery.

Yes, the fuel is a more expensive. Yes, it’s sold at fewer stations. But with a relatively minimal markup, it’s tough to understand why any right-minded Mercedes lessee would say no to “doing the diesel.” It’s a dance worth trying…

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