Chrysler Recalls 142,800 Pickups, SUVs for Software Defect

Chrysler Recalls 142,800 Pickups, SUVs for Software Defect

The Chrysler Group is recalling the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and various Ram light- and heavy-duty pickups to repair the software controlling instrument cluster illumination.

According to the recall, about 10,800 Ram pickups and 132,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles will be affected. The repair will update software that controls warning lights and instrument cluster illumination on the vehicles.

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The American automaker announced that it had received reports of random warning light illuminations and instrument-cluster blackouts, although the issue seemed to disappear after the vehicle was cycled on and off. Engineers discovered a glitch in the Jeep’s antilock braking system module that affected the cluster display.

Owners will be notified in November in order to schedule dealer appointments to have their vehicles repaired.

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