2014 Toyota Corolla Earns “Marginal” Rating in Tough New Crash Test

2014 Toyota Corolla Earns “Marginal” Rating in Tough New Crash Test

The 2014 Toyota Corolla got a less than stellar rating on the IIHS small overlap front crash test.

The all-new Corolla earned just a “marginal” rating on the test, which replicates what would happen if a vehicle strikes another vehicle or an object like a tree or a utility pole. According to IIHS, the Corolla’s structural performance was poor and the driver’s space was seriously compromised in the test.

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It’s not all bad news though for the Corolla. It did receive a good rating in the other crash tests which is good enough to give the Corolla a “Top Safety Pick” rating. By not getting a good on the small overlap front crash test, the Japanese automaker won’t be able to boast that its new Corolla is a “Top Safety Pick+.”

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  • Jonathan Truong

    Looking at the crash test score, all I can say to Toyota is, “Well, you’ve seen the crash test results, start beefing up the Corolla’s structural integrity right now!”

  • Carla Sanders

    I think people should realize that the IIHS is a private organization. It is not affiliated with the government. The IIHS is constantly striving to be relevant and to make headlines. Their testers are chubby, pedantic nerds in lab coats. When large numbers of cars ace their tests, the IIHS becomes less relevant. So they change the test and make it harder. But it’s really not fair to keep changing the target. I’m sure the Corolla has aced or will ace any and all government-run crash tests. That’s more than adequate.

  • Phil

    “”adequate”” loll, …I guess you don’t value your life and the ones of your passengers very much. say what you want, but, if nothing else, watching the IIHS tests is enough to convince me I’d rather sit behind the wheel of my honda civic. I’m thankful there is private organizations pointing out key weaknesses in manufacturer’s vehicles safety.