2015 BMW X4 Spied Beside X3 Comparing Cabooses

2015 BMW X4 Spied Beside X3 Comparing Cabooses

If derivative models were the purest measure of success, BMW would be a shoo-in for the “A list.” The company is preparing to launch its X4 crossover and AutoGuide’s spy photographers just spotted one beside its X3 sibling.

Based on the X3 crossover, the X4 will be a more style-focused option for luxury crossover buyers. With its cut-back rear end styling the crunched-down crossover doesn’t look as passenger-friendly as the X3, but should deliver the same driving dynamics that BMW is known for. Some of the photos show the X4 beside an X3, clearly showing the differences between the vehicles rear ends.

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We also have some idea of what the interior of the X4 will look like, although it would be surprising to see it radically different from what is currently in the X3. There are some details borrowed from the BMW X5 like a touchpad on the iDrive controller and a driver-centric cockpit.

GALLERY: BMW X4 Spy Photos


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  • Dominic Brissette

    So basically the X4 is to the X3 what the X6 is to the X5?