2015 BMW X6 Caught Running the ‘Ring

2015 BMW X6 Caught Running the ‘Ring

Our intrepid clandestine photographers have snapped a few shots of the next-generation BMW X6 as its circles the legendary Nürburgring in Germany. Here’s what we know about this upcoming “sports activity coupe.”

This half-risen crossover appears to feature slightly more aggressive styling than today’s version, though in all honesty it’s very difficult to tell. There’s some noticeable surfacing on the hood but other than that the swirly black-and-white camouflage it’s slathered in does an admirable job hiding all of its shapes and contours.

Reports indicate the vehicle will ride atop a brand-new architecture that’s shared with the next-generation X5 crossover, sorry, “sports activity vehicle.” Supposedly it will be longer overall to provide more interior room but nothing is confirmed at this time.

What is certain is that the new X6 will be powered by a wide variety of engines. In America, today’s model is motivated by either a force-fed inline six providing a sonorous 300 horsepower or an even more muscular twin-turbocharged V8 with 400 ponies. Of course customers can always step up to the M version for even more ridiculous performance.

Again, nothing is confirmed right now but it wouldn’t surprise us if the new X6 offered a turbo four or even a diesel engine in the U.S. Choice, it’s a great thing. And of course since this is a BMW chances are pretty good that it’s going to be entertaining to drive. Why else would you test it on the Nürburgring?

GALLERY: Next-Generation BMW X6 Caught Running the ‘Ring


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