2015 Cadillac Escalade Interior Revealed

2015 Cadillac Escalade Interior Revealed

Set to debut next week, Cadillac has revealed the stunning new interior of its fourth generation Escalade.

The luxury automaker is promising every aspect of the new 2015 Escalade will rise to a new level, but in no way will the improvements be more significant than with the SUV’s cabin.

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Cadillac is promising an interior that combines the latest in technology with handcrafted elements and the photos released of the interior say it all. With the CUE Cadillac telematics system front and center, the technology extends to the latest in connectivity and safety for up to eight passengers.

Look for more on the 2015 Escalade on October 7th, with our coverage of the debut from New York City.

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  • Red Ride

    No thanks

  • David Charles DuBois


  • LDR

    I’ll pass! What the hell looks like some hybrid or crossover womanly design.

  • smartacus

    Will someone please pull the plug and start the morphine drip on new GM

  • aaa

    What the fuck? You want “manly”? Buy a pick-up truck.

  • CTS Coupe Guy

    WTF did you expect its a Caddy!!

  • qitcryn

    gear shift on the steering column? who does that anymore? TO step up to the new Luxury..dial-in shifter..push button, or in the center stack.. anything than the old column shifter. I’m not impressed.

  • cquik

    coming from a caddy salesman…. hell yeah!!!! we’ve been saying that for, forever… they don’t fu#$%# listen… oh yeah its designed by chinese… go figure!!

  • valjan1

    I love it

  • valjan1

    What do you want ? paddle shifters ,
    It is not sport suv . you put it in gear and you go

  • valjan1

    Anyway you cannot afford it

  • valjan1

    Yhea lets put a chainsaw on the dash

  • Goobot

    Lol, you are trashing the gear shift on the steering column because it is old and go in to say they should do push button? They had push button in the 60’s too smart one. And the only reason they moved the gear shifter to where current cars have it is from the late 60’s early 70’s muscle car craze and they wanted it to look like a manual. This is so much better now since it doesn’t wast space and it is functional.

  • Shady

    The 2007- 2014 Version got a wood on its steering wheel which made a luxury touch but this one its got only leather, concerning the exterior look i didnt like the back of the 2015 escalade and the sides got no air sides like the old version or like the new range rover………hopefully u guys at cadillac will try to improve these points of view, by the way am a loyal cadillac escalade costumer since 2004, am in love with this suv simply its a perfect one am talking here about the two versions do guys keep it on the way we all know escalades……..regards

  • antony555

    Its nothing but a GMC Dental I with Cadillac badging and price.

  • cptnjarhead

    hahah, spit out my coffee… hahahah