2015 Mercedes C-Class Could Make 500-HP in AMG Trim

2015 Mercedes C-Class Could Make 500-HP in AMG Trim

As Mercedes-AMG looks towards the future, CEO Tobias Moers believes that smaller turbocharged engines will be the direction the brand will head.

In fact, Moers believes that while naturally aspirated engines are truly iconic, their “time is over” in the marketplace with turbocharged engines providing both fuel efficiency and performance that are in line with AMG models. AMG’s first turbocharged four-cylinder engine is already claiming the bragging rights of being the world’s most powerful four-cylinder, and that powerplant will serve as the basis for the brand’s new 4.0-liter V8.

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Teased

In elaborating about the potential of future powerplants, Moers revealed that he believes a C-Class with 485 to 500 hp is not entirely out of the question, and in his view, it’s acceptable.

As for alternative powertrains, AMG will have hybrids in its future, most likely in a hybrid application.

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[Source: Motoring.com.au]

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