2015 MINI Comes With Driver Assist System

2015 MINI Comes With Driver Assist System

When the next generation of MINI Coopers arrive for the 2015 model year, they will come with driver assistance systems mostly lifted from BMW.

A camera mounted in front of the rear-view mirror will be the basis for much of the technology including a collision and pedestrian warning system capable of engaging the brakes at up to 35 mph if a pedestrian steps in front of the vehicle. The same camera also governs adaptive cruise control and automatic high-beams.

The camera will also recognize speed limit signs and check them against GPS-based records to display current speed limits in the navigation screen. A “Traffic Sign Memory” system will also use the camera to read and store traffic sign information to be shown in the instrument cluster.MINI-head-up-display-screen

There will also be a head-up display to offer drivers relevant information without requiring them to look away from the road. In BMW systems, that display includes current speed limit information, although the MINI press release didn’t specify if that will also be the case here. However, displayed information won’t be projected onto the windshield. Instead, it will appear on the folding display unit pictured above and mounted between the steering wheel and windshield.

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