2015 Scion xB to be All New

2015 Scion xB to be All New

Scion may launch its third generation version of its funky xB model next year as a 2015 model.

The rumors are swirling about just exactly what is, or isn’t, going on at the Toyota youth brand with the latest being a report about the redesigned xB.

In a recent interview brand boss Doug Murtha commented that both the xB and xD are “logical candidates” for a redesign in 2015. Murtha wouldn’t give specifics but was eager to quash reports that no new models would arrive until 2017.

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According to a recent report, Scion is currently examining two new five-door hatchback models for the US market, both of which will also be sold in Japan. The cars are both being engineered to meet strict US safety standards.

While keeping its core products fresh is important, Scion is also looking to add new models and is exploring the possibility of a compact sedan based off the FR-S rear-wheel drive platform. There is a possible road block to the plan, however, with Subaru (which co-developed the car) reportedly “dragging its heels” on the project.

A larger issue is that Toyota would have to approve the sedan for use as a Toyota branded model in other global markets in order to make a business case for the car.

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  • Thunderbum

    I hope they don’t ruin the the updated XB with a less powerful engine. I don’t understand why all the Japenese brands are so behind the time in regards to engine and transmission technology. (No direct injection turbos etc.) The Ford focus gets 30+ and has a 160 horsepower engine with six speed!

  • Sean C

    The new xB was ruined by the more powerful engine. The newer xb’s engine sacrificed cabin space and offered terrible fuel economy.

  • ed


  • Derek Anderson

    terrible? in class maybe, but that is comparing it to smaller wagons/hatchbacks. I still get 30 on the highway which I don’t consider terrible given that it has the cargo space of some small SUVs! I would like to see the pokey 4 speed transmission replaced with something a little more modern. But that is my only gripe. Overall, I love my 2012 xB.

    I think it would be sweet if they offered an AWD version maybe based off of the Toyota matrix drivetrain.

  • JR

    I love my my 2001 Toyota bB AWD. I just wish i could bring it back with me to the US.