Aston Martin Lagonda SUV Still Coming

Aston Martin Lagonda SUV Still Coming

Plans for Aston Martin to sell an SUV are still limping along, likely helped by a recent agreement between Mercedes’ AMG and the British automaker.

Aston CEO Ulrich Bez said that while the company doesn’t have prototypes going through testing, the high-end luxury utility vehicle is still on the table. Previously, the company planned to launch Lagonda as a sub-brand, but comments Bez made to AutoCar reveal that the vehicle will now be sold as an Aston Martin, using “Lagonda” as a nameplate.

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“If you look at how Porsche and Volkswagen worked together to produce two completely different cars, it would be possible to have a similar arrangement with Mercedes so long as our car was clearly and distinctly an Aston Martin,” Bez said.

Any actual products are still probably still distant, but the Lagonda would focus on sales in China where Aston Martin is still working to build its presence. Bez said it wouldn’t make sense to market yet another brand there when Lagonda could become a nameplate sold under the Aston Martin brand to avoid the issue.

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[Source: AutoCar]

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