BMW i5 Already in Planning Stage

BMW i5 Already in Planning Stage

After the successful launch of its i3 electric car, BMW is already looking to expand the i brand with reports that an i5 model is already in the planning stage.

BMW has seen higher than expected demand for the i3 and it’s prompted the German automaker to fast track another model to launch some time after the i8 goes on sale.

Exactly what the i5 will be, however, is entirely up in the air. According to a new report execs are currently studying if it will be a pure electric car, a range-extended electric car or even a plug-in hybrid.

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Larger than the i3, the vehicle will be focused more on mainstream consumers and offer extended range. With suburbanites in mind, it might not even be a sedan.

Rather, BMW is currently deciding if it could even be a crossover.

No matter the powertrain or vehicle type, it’s certain to retain core BMW values and be rear wheel drive, while making extensive use of carbon fiber to keep weight to a minimum.

[Source: WhatCar]

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