BMW M Laptimer App Now Available for Download

BMW M Laptimer App Now Available for Download

The BMW M Laptimer app is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

Made for BMW vehicles, the app can record data from BMW Apps-equipped vehicles by using their on-board network and GPS receiver to gather data. As a result, the BMW M Laptimer app can create comparative track sessions and provide essential performance information to the driver. The app can also generate track maps while recording driving data such as top speed, number of laps, best lap time and ambient temperature.

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Once the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the app will update, presenting all the information on a scorecard screen. Drivers will appreciate the highly visual depictions of throttle, speed, brake input, engine RPM, fuel level and g-force. Users will also be able to easily zoom in and out while rewinding or fast forwarding through track recordings. The app can be used on virtually any closed circuit.

And as expected, users will easily be able to share their lap times with others through social networks and can even use the Comparison Mode to view individual or dual runs in real-time.

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