Buick Wants Diesel, Verano a Likely Candidate

Buick Wants Diesel, Verano a Likely Candidate

Buick’s Verano compact sedan might soon follow the Chevrolet Cruze in offering a diesel engine.

While Buick hasn’t said as much explicitly, an Edmunds report quoting an unnamed source suggests the brand is eyeing the possibility of offering a diesel-powered vehicle in the near future. The Verano is closely related to the Chevrolet Cruze, which is being offered with a modified version of a turbo diesel this year developed by Opel and modified to satisfy U.S. emissions regulations.

Three of Buick’s five models are closely based on Opel products and as customers place an increasing emphasis on fuel economy, diesel engines are starting to look better; even in a market with a history of spurning them.

The Cruze uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel four-cylinder that makes 151 hp and 264 lb-ft of torque and is rated by the EPA to return 27 mpg in the city and 46 mpg on the highway. Adding a diesel to the Verano could offer buyers higher fuel economy without sacrificing performance, albeit at a  presumed price premium. Diesel engines require heavier components and consequently tend to cost more than similar gasoline engines.

According to the report, General Motors plans to continue closely aligning Buick models with products from Opel. General Motors is also said to be planning a diesel version of the popular Cadillac ATS.

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[Source: Edmunds]

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