Cadillac Escalade Diesel Under Consideration

Cadillac Escalade Diesel Under Consideration

Looking to stay competitive with its European rivals the 2015 Cadillac Escalade has received a complete overhaul and now reports suggest that update could extend to a unique new powertrain.

According to a recent interview with Jeff Luke, executive chief engineer for GM trucks, the powertrain development for the next-generation SUV and truck offerings from GM is still under development. The 2015 Escalade will launch with a six-speed transmission, but Luke hinted that an eight-speed will eventually replace the carryover transmission. The American automaker is also developing a ten-speed for its rear-wheel drive platforms.

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But the biggest news is that diesel engines are also on the table over the next few years for all of GM’s new truck and SUV lineup. GM will keep a close eye on Chrysler, which recently launched a V6 diesel powerplant in its Jeep Grand Cherokee, in order to determine the viability of offering a diesel Escalade. A hybrid model is also under consideration, despite the fact that the current-generation Escalade’s hybrid variant was phased out after weak sales.

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