Chevrolet Corvette Z07 Engine Photo Leaked

Chevrolet Corvette Z07 Engine Photo Leaked

A leaked image of what some believe to be the engine bound for Chevrolet’s next range-topping Corvette is circulating.

The image comes via Corvette enthusiast forum Past reports have suggested that the next high-level Corvette – likely called the Z07 – might use a turbo setup instead of a blower, but this picture seems to refute that. There’s a supercharger pulley visible and a top-mounted intercooler.

Chevrolet hasn’t made any official announcements about its plan for a higher performing model, so it’s anyone’s guess when the bow tie brand’s next beast will show up. One thing is for sure: The Stingray isn’t having any problems stirring buyer excitement.

GM is having trouble keeping up with demand, dealers are charging ludicrous premiums and orders are backing up like Los Angeles traffic in rush hour.

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[Source: CorvetteOnline]

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