Corvette-Powered Karmas Coming in 2014: Lutz

Corvette-Powered Karmas Coming in 2014: Lutz

VL Automotive’s plans to build a series of Corvette-powered revisions of the Fisker Karma range-extended electric vehicle is moving ahead.

Backed by former GM vice chariman Bob Lutz, the company has 25 unsold copies of the Karma that it intends to retrofit with the engine and transmission powering the Chevrolet Corvette. The vehicles will get a more conservative grille, will cost about $200,000 and are expected to be available next year. They will also be called the Destino rather than the Karma.

Lutz said VL Automotive settled a dispute with an Asian investor that previously prevented them from accessing codes for the vehicles infotainment system.

“Without getting those codes, it was close to impossible to get a working car,” Lutz said.

Two versions of the Destino will be available: a less powerful 450 hp version and a supercharged model with 638 hp. But the company isn’t willing to rush its project. Lutz recognizes that for such a high price tag, the vehicles will need to be “silky and buttery to drive.”

Production might not be limited to the currently-secured 25 units either. Lutz said he is confident that VL can source versions of the car assembled without a powertrain. The planned 25-unit run will involve ripping out existing powertrain components from the car and adding retrofitting the Corvette powertrain.

As sold, the Fisker Karma uses a similar setup to the Chevrolet Volt with a gasoline engine on board to serve as a generator to charge the electric powertrain.

[Source: Automotive News]

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