Deer Collisions in the U.S. are Declining: State Farm

Deer Collisions in the U.S. are Declining: State Farm

Collisions with deer in the U.S. fell 3.5 percent according to State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance. 

In the 12 months since June 30 of this year there were 1.22 million auto collisions involving deer according to State Farm. Deer collisions can be costly for vehicle owners and insurance companies, with the average accident costing $3,414. State Farm noted that crashes involving deer are most common in October and November, which is mating season for the animals.

Last year, reports of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease spiked for deer from Louisiana to Montana. There were about 15,000 deaths reported from the disease in Michigan during the summer, compared to a few thousand in years past.

As for the state where you’re most likely to hit a deer? That honor goes to West Virginia, where 2.4 percent will strike a deer within the next year. Hawaii has the lowest chance, with one in 6,787 drivers.

State Farm advises not to swerve if a collision with an animal is inevitable, because losing control of your vehicle puts you more at risk.