Driverless Cars from Tech Giants Easier to Trust: Study

Driverless Cars from Tech Giants Easier to Trust: Study

Placing confidence in a self-driving car will be a big step for any driver, but a new study from KPMG LLP shows that consumers trust big tech companies more than automakers to get the job done.

Google’s much publicized pursuit to develop self-driving cars might be something of a media darling and the Cupertino giant is far from alone in its quest. Nissan said recently that it plans to offer self-driving cars by 2020 and Audi is also working on autonomous technology. It might be tempting to assume that automotive brands would seem like the winner by default in gaining consumer confidence. Not so, says the new study.

“As cars evolve to become more highly complex computers that provide mobility, it’s not far-fetched to imagine a day where our next cars are purchased from high-tech companies,” said Gary Silberg, national automotive industry leader for KPMG.

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It found that when ranking companies on a scale of one to 10 — 10 being the maximum — buyers ranked technology companies like Google with eight points compared to 7.75 for premium brands and only five for larger, more mainstream automakers.

“We believe that self-driving cars will be profoundly disruptive to the traditional automotive ecosystem.Ultimately, the shape of the automotive future will depend on consumers – their needs, preferences, fears – and their pocketbooks,” Silberg said.

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