Elon Musk Sounds off on Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Elon Musk Sounds off on Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is rapidly becoming a new Bob Lutz for the 21st century. The savvy South African is not afraid to share his opinion on a variety of topics and is at times refreshingly blunt.

He’s called the Fisker Karma overpriced and “mediocre,” gotten into a major tiff with the New York Times and even promised self-driving cars in three years. But now he’s sounding off on the subject of hydrogen fuel cells. According to him they’re “so bullshit.”

He also said the only reason automakers are pursuing the technology is for marketing purposes. No, tell us how you really feel, Elon.

Clearly Musk is a fan of electric cars, as he should be since that’s kind of what his company does. EVs are probably a more reasonable future transportation option than fuel cells. An entire hydrogen refueling infrastructure would have to be built from the ground up to service a fleet of fuel-cell vehicles.

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